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Solar Installation Company in Spokane

Fight back against continually rising energy costs and ensure access to power during outages. Switch to solar energy with help from Spokane's best solar installation company. PacWest Solar can manage solar installation projects of all types and sizes, from small homes and businesses to large communities and commercial operations. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining durable, high-performance solar power systems in East Washington.



Why Choose Solar Power?

Solar panels offer Spokane home and business owners many benefits:

Energy security

Rising energy prices driven by increased demand and extreme weather make solar energy systems an attractive investment. Solar offers an excellent solution to stabilize energy costs and ensure a steady electricity supply, even during grid instability and outages.

Long-term solar energy savings

Solar provides a fast and lasting return on investment, with the potential for substantial savings. Systems last 40+ years and carry outstanding warranties, offering long-term savings that outweigh solar panel installation costs.

Solar power incentives

Take advantage of available solar incentives with help from our solar financing experts, including federal and state tax credits, utility rebates, net metering, and other incentives for homes and businesses. We offer no-or low-money-down financing, typically for less than your current monthly energy bill.

Net metering and renewable energy credits

Our solar power company can create a solar energy system design that allows your home or business to sell unused solar power back to your local energy company for energy credits, offsetting utility expenses and solar installation costs.

Environmental benefits

Switching to clean, endlessly renewable solar power showcases your commitment to combatting climate change and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Increased property value

Real estate with solar panels sells faster and for more than the competition, attracting buyers interested in solar power's monetary and environmental advantages.

Professional Residential Solar Installation in Spokane

Our home solar installers provide Spokane residents with custom-tailored residential solar power systems. Choose from ground and rooftop installations, generate supplemental energy, eliminate reliance on grid power, or produce surplus power for your local utility’s solar buyback program. No matter what you need, you can trust our friendly team to take the time to understand your family and property’s unique energy production requirements and find a solution that meets your budget.

Commercial Solar Installation for Any Industry

Reach your sustainability goals and reduce operational expenses. Invest in your business and the environment with commercial solar panels. Our commercial solar installers have the knowledge and skills to craft large-scale commercial solar systems that provide lasting, reliable power. We provide unsurpassed customer service, including long-term support, helping you monitor performance, maintain, repair, and upgrade your system.

Achieve the Solar Power Production You Need

Our experienced Spokane solar panel installers know how to size and position your system for maximum power production. You can count on our friendly team to create a system within your budget that meets your energy production and savings needs. We install only high-performing, durable Talesun solar panels. Talesun panels capture sunlight even in overcast weather with minimal loss. Featuring an industry-leading 25-year efficiency warranty, they provide years of reliable solar energy production.

Secure Your Energy Future

Find out why home and business owners across East Washington trust PacWest Solar to achieve their solar energy production goals. We serve all of Spokane County, including Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle, and Spokane. Contact us at 509-929-2728 to schedule a consultation with our solar installation company in Spokane today.

Spokane, WA

Spokane features urban amenities and natural beauty, offering year-round entertainment. It’s known for its vibrant art scene, historic downtown, and scenic Riverfront Park. This Spokane County city offers plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, skiing, and river activities. PacWest Solar proudly serves the region, providing residents and businesses with high-quality, reliable solar power.

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