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Solar Installation Company


Protect yourself from rising energy costs with clean, green solar energy from PacWest Solar. We design, install, upgrade, and service state-of-the-art solar systems from industry-leading manufacturers. Our full service solar company handles everything in-house, ensuring a quick, seamless, lasting installation. We offer a variety of solar power solutions at competitive prices for homes and businesses in Kennewick, Liberty Lake, Pasco, Richland, Spokane, and Walla Walla.

Residential and Commercial Solar Installation


PacWest creates custom solar energy system designs tailored to your home or business’s unique requirements. We can integrate solar panels into your upcoming building plans or retrofit your existing structure with solar power. Our solar panel system design team will discuss your energy usage history and assess your space, devising the ideal setup to meet your needs, including:

·Ground solar systems

·Roof solar systems

·Solar inverters

·Solar battery systems

·On and off-grid solar systems

Your residential solar system or commercial solar system cost estimate includes everything from permitting and solar panel installation to training on using your solar power system. We provide unsurpassed customer service, as reflected in our top-notch online customer reviews and testimonials.

Why Choose Solar Power?


Adding a solar power system to your home or business offers many benefits:


Lower electricity costs with solar energy

Professionally designed and installed solar systems from PacWest Solar can help you reduce or eliminate energy costs. Our systems typically pay for themselves in 4-10 years, depending on site conditions.

Earn solar net metering credits

Receive credits from your electricity provider for surplus, unused electricity generated by your solar panels.

Increase property value with solar power

Research indicates properties featuring solar panels sell quickly and at a higher price than comparable buildings without solar.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Clean, green, renewable solar eliminates the need for fossil fuel burning ‘grid’ power and provides pollution-free energy. It’s a great way to boost your environmental impact and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Enjoy low-maintenance, durable solar panel use

Solar systems require minimal maintenance - simply keep the panels clear of leaves, dirt, and soot, which Washington's regular showers typically remove. Solar panels offer an outstanding return on investment, including a 25-year warranty and a 30 to 50-year system life.

Financing for Commercial and Residential Solar Systems


Switching to solar is more affordable than ever. Our solar financing experts will help you take advantage of all available solar energy incentives, including a 30% federal tax credit on solar, state sales tax exemption, net metering, and expensing and USDA grants for businesses upgrading to solar power. You may qualify for low interest, low monthly payments with zero down from Puget Sound Cooperative Credit. Most of our customers find financing typically costs less than monthly energy bills.

Get a Quote on Solar System Installation


Lighten your energy expenses with solar power in Kennewick, Liberty Lake, Pasco, Richland, Spokane, and Walla Walla from PacWest Solar. Contact our solar installation company at 509-929-2728 for a no-obligation consultation on a residential or commercial solar system installation today.

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