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solar system insallation liberty lake

Solar System Installation

Harness the Power of the Sun

Arrange for a solar system installation in Liberty Lake or Spokane, WA

You shouldn't spend an arm and a leg on energy when you have a sustainable source right above you. It's time to harness the sun with a solar system installation from PacWest Solar.

Already have a solar panel system? We'll do a full solar system replacement when it's on the fritz. Call 509-856-5026 now for a free consultation on a residential or commercial solar project in Liberty Lake, WA or surrounding areas.

Learn the answers to your important questions

Before you get a solar system installation, you may have some questions for us. Check out the following FAQs to learn the answers:


  • What types of solar systems do you install? You'll choose between roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems. You can also choose between on-the-grid and off-the-grid systems, though on-the-grid is most popular.

  • What happens if the system breaks? We provide 25-year warranties on panels and can provide maintenance on any system we've installed.

  • Why choose PacWest Solar? We offer $0 down on any installation as well as free consultations and on-site analysis.


Are you ready to start saving on your energy bills? Speak with us today about your solar system replacement or installation.

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