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Residential Solar Systems

Protect Yourself From Rising Power Rates

Install a residential solar system in Liberty Lake or Spokane, WA

Based on demand and availability of resources at any given time, the price of power can rise and fall. You don't want to be vulnerable to higher energy bills than normal, so why not take your energy into your own hands?

PacWest Solar installs residential solar systems for clients in Liberty Lake, WA and surrounding areas. With solar panels generating your energy through sun exposure, you won't be vulnerable to shifting energy rates. Reach out today to get the ball rolling on your home solar system installation.

Consider these 4 benefits of having solar

If you're on the fence about installing a residential solar system, you should consider the benefits. You'll love that solar panels are...

  1. Low-maintenance

  2. Cost-effective

  3. Reliable

  4. Eco-friendly


You'll get to choose which type of system works best for your home - ground-mounted or roof-mounted. Call 509-856-5026 now for a free consultation on a home solar system installation.

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