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Solar Panels for Your Home


Take a stand against continually rising energy costs. Harness clean, green, endlessly renewable energy with solar panels for your home from PacWest. Thanks to our affordable pricing and available solar energy incentives, our high-efficiency home solar systems are more affordable than ever.

Home Solar Systems Deliver Long Term Benefits


Harnessing solar power with a home solar system offers many advantages over on-grid power, including:


  • Reducing fossil fuel usage and environmental impact

  • Significantly lower or no monthly energy costs, depending on system design

  • Credits for unused solar power from your local utility provider

  • Access to electricity during blackouts, brownouts, and weather events

  • Increased home value and sales appeal


Home solar power systems professionally designed and installed by PacWest Solar typically pay for themselves in 4-10 years, depending on site conditions. Our affordable, top-quality solar panels offer a 25-year warranty and last 40 years or more, delivering an excellent return on investment with minimal maintenance. Simply keep solar panels clear of particle buildup and leaves.

Types of Solar Panels for Your House


Our full-service solar installation company crafts systems specifically tailored to your energy production needs and site conditions. Based on your location and aesthetic preferences, we can design a rooftop or ground solar system positioned to maximize exposure to available sunlight. Our experienced team can add solar panels to your existing home or integrate them seamlessly into new construction projects. Create an on-grid solar system and take advantage of net metering energy credits or gain energy independence with an off-grid solar system design, complete with a solar battery backup, and avoid the stress of unexpected power outages.

Cost of Home Solar Panel Installation


We offer financing to cover the cost of solar installation through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union. Solar system payments typically cost less than your monthly energy bill. We’ll advise you on all available incentives, including:


  • The Residential Clean Energy Federal Tax Credit, equal to 30% of your solar installation cost

  • Sales tax exemption on solar energy systems from Washington State

  • Incentives and net metering programs available from your local utility company


All project estimates include turnkey setup, from permitting through installation, inspection, and instruction on operating and caring for your solar power system.

Fast, Professional Residential Solar System Installation


Our in-house team of licensed, certified solar panel installers provides fast, quality service. We have experience managing complex solar installations and working with a wide range of roof styles and terrain. Our reputation and customer service are second to none. We're here to support you with solar system maintenance, repair, and warranty claims, providing these services for all home solar panel systems we've installed.


Request a Quote on a Home Solar Installation


Shrink your carbon footprint and save on monthly energy expenses with solar panels for your home from PacWest Solar. Contact us at 509-929-2728 for a free estimate on residential solar in Kennewick, Liberty Lake, Pasco, Richland, Spokane, and Walla Walla today.

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