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Solar Panel Company


Safeguard the environment and ensure access to affordable, reliable power with sustainable solar energy. PacWest Solar provides trusted residential and commercial solar power system installation. We make switching to solar in Eastern Washington easy and affordable. Our solar panel company ensures peak performance, even on overcast Washington days, using state of the art Talesun 320-watt all-black solar panels. Our experienced solar panel installers offer comprehensive services, including solar energy system design, installation, upgrades, maintenance, and repair.

Why Choose Solar Panels?


Solar energy produces no greenhouse gasses. Taking advantage of solar power from sunlight, rather than fossil-fuel-produced electricity from your local utility provider, can significantly lower or eliminate your monthly energy expenses. You can also earn credits for any unused solar power you provide to the grid. Designs featuring battery storage can offer energy during power outages. These benefits make businesses and homes with solar panels more appealing and worth more to potential buyers. Solar is more affordable than ever, thanks to available rebates, incentives, and low-interest financing. A 25-year warranty on solar panels and an average of 40+ years of system life make solar an excellent investment in managing rising energy costs.

Solar Panel Installation Process


Installing solar panels for your home or business takes 1-3 months. Careful planning ensures family and utility worker safety. Solar panel installation includes several important steps. During this process, our solar power system design contractors will:


Evaluate your energy usage and solar power needs

We’ll begin by evaluating your monthly energy usage and discussing what you’d like to achieve with solar panels, such as lower energy costs, energy independence, and emergency power.

Assess your site and discuss solar energy system design options

Our solar energy system designers will recommend possible installation options, including rooftop or ground solar designs with or without battery storage, based on your preferences. Then, we’ll survey your site, ensuring that we can install components according to zoning, structural, electrical, and fire codes.

Approve your contract and gain financing for solar panel installation

Based on your feedback, we’ll make any design changes and confirm the final solar energy system installation parameters, including necessary site work, available solar incentives, cost, and financing.

Begin the permitting process

After you sign your contract, we’ll apply for necessary permitting through your city and HOA (if applicable). Permitting typically takes a few weeks. We handle this for you, including it in your solar power system cost.

Install solar panels and components

Once we obtain city and HOA approval, we’ll begin your commercial or residential solar panel installation. Our solar installers construct most systems within 1-2 days. During this time, your power may be turned off for a few hours.

Schedule final solar energy system inspections

A city inspector must perform a final inspection, and an application for ‘permission to operate’ (PTO) must be obtained from your utility provider before turning on your solar power system. These inspections ensure proper installation according to necessary guidelines. During this time, an upgraded meter may be installed so you can take advantage of net metering credits.

Turn on and teach you how to use your solar power system

After turning on your residential or commercial solar energy system, we’ll teach you how to operate it, monitor production and consumption, and maintain solar panels to keep your system operating at peak performance.


Schedule a Solar Panel Installation Evaluation


Learn how you can reduce monthly energy costs with sustainable solar power. Shrink your carbon footprint with help from a solar panel company that offers top-notch products and services. Contact PacWest Solar at 509-929-2728 to schedule an obligation-free solar energy assessment in Kootenai and Spokane Counties, including Athol, Coeur d Alene, Dalton Gardens, Fernan Lake Village, Harrison, Hayden Lake, Huetter, Post Falls, Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle, Spokane, and Pullman today.

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