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Commercial Solar Installation Company


Invest in your business and the environment. Reach your sustainability goals and reduce operational expenses with commercial solar panels from PacWest Solar. Our commercial solar installation company can help you make the switch to solar energy. We manage solar installation projects of all sizes, from small businesses to large industrial operations.

Why Choose Solar Panels for Your Business?


A commercial solar panel system is a sound investment, offering many benefits:


Energy independence

Rising energy costs driven by increasing demand and accessibility make commercial solar energy systems attractive for many businesses. Investing in solar power stabilizes energy costs, ensures a steady electricity supply, even in outages, and offers silent operation, keeping residential neighbors happy.

Long-term savings

Businesses can save thousands with solar, enjoying a fast and lasting return on investment. Long-term savings outweigh upfront commercial solar panel installation costs, with systems lasting 40+ years and top-quality panels providing a 25-year warranty.

Solar incentives

Our solar financing experts will help you take advantage of available solar incentives. These include federal or production tax credits, modified accelerated or bonus depreciation benefits, and no or low-money-down financing, typically for less than your current monthly energy costs.

Net metering and renewable energy credits

Our solar power company can help you create a solar energy system design that allows your business to sell unused solar power for energy credits, offsetting utility expenses and solar installation costs.

Increased employee and customer potential

Concerns surrounding fossil fuel use and climate change drive potential employees and customers to support green businesses. Solar panels communicate your commitment to the environment, inspiring staff and patron loyalty.

Commercial Solar Power System Design


Commercial solar power systems are much larger than residential solar designs and must be built to produce sufficient energy. Proper sizing is crucial. Sun exposure, site layout, and on-grid or off-grid use will impact design parameters and power production. Our experienced in-house team of commercial solar panel installers knows how to balance your needs, working with you to craft a system that provides sufficient energy within your budget and that delivers a rapid return and lasting savings.

State of the Art Commercial Solar Energy System Installation


Depending on system size and configuration, commercial solar energy system installation may take weeks to months. After you’ve approved your rooftop or ground solar installation design, we’ll obtain the necessary permits and begin construction, taking care to minimize operational disruptions. Your local utility provider must inspect and approve your solar installation before use. We include all permits, inspections, and utility connections, as well as solar panel care and operational instructions, in your solar project estimate.

Commercial Solar Power System Repair


PacWest Solar provides long-term support for every solar energy system we install. Our commercial solar company can help you monitor performance, maintain, repair, and upgrade your system. Our in-house team of commercial solar installers has a reputation for superior customer service.

Get Started with Solar


Put the benefits of renewable solar energy to work for your business and start saving. Schedule a complimentary consultation and project estimate from the best commercial solar installation company in Kootenai County and Spokane County, including Athol, Coeur d Alene, Dalton Gardens, Fernan Lake Village, Harrison, Hayden Lake, Huetter, and Post Falls, Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle, Spokane, and Pullman. Contact PacWest Solar at 509-929-2728 today.

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